User Interaction

          Chapter IV

      The Pearl

This project is about the Emarati culture and history. It is about the pearling era they went through. The objective of this project is to make an interactive installation about a topic relating to that era. Our topic was about the Photographic evidence and its importance. We researched in a lot of books about the photographs of the pearling history in the gulf and decided to show the other side of it which is the misery and the devastation they went through. Our interactive installation is a booth that contains ropes in the ceiling, net surrounding the booth, wood on the floor and handles. the interactive part is the handles, whenever a handle is touched a sound would play telling the story of these people.


      Suzie: A Digital Marionette

Suzie is a combination of the two realms we live in: the digital and the traditional aimed to be a kids’ toy. The purpose of this toy is to educate and entertain kids with what they already have at home; Paper, thread, and a mobile phone. After assembling the marionette, they install an app that has all kinds of games that work with the marionette, and then they proceed to put the phone inside the pouch and play.




︎UAE, Palestine   
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