Motion Graphics

          Chapter I
      Hollow Light

Hollow light is a short 3D animated film that delves into abstract visualization of a young adult going through emptiness. The story begins with the main character shedding a tear and the movie begins from there. Emptiness is a vast realm, and this short movie pursues to make emptiness more tangible so others can understand what it is they are going through and possibly offer ways on how to deal with it by utilizing symbolism of hope, faith, and optimism.


             In this project the aim was to choose a song and analyze it then transfer its elements into different visual formats.



        Day to Night Cycle

              This project is 3D modeled and animated to show how the day to night cycle affects objects in a certain space.                                                    

        Walk Cycle

             This is a 3D modeled character animated to understand the basics of walk cycles in animation.               


                 This an experimental 2D animated film surrounding the topic of hallucination.

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